Mergers and acquisitions

A merger or large acquisition is a significant event in the life of a company and its numerous constituencies–from shareholders, directors and managers to employees, customers and communities.

Mergers And Acquisitions

When Gimble Law P.A. serves as general counsel, it provides responsible and attentive legal assistance for any and all legal issues that continuously arise in a successful company. Attorney Gimble does not adhere to a business hour practice and makes herself available when the need arises outside of these hours for her clients. Gimble Law, P.A. has vast respectable experience in representing and protecting the legal interests of various notable clients and corporations. Darlene R. Gimble, Esq. serves as General Counsel for an international hedge fund and assists with the acquisition of companies and property, litigation dealing with any of the Fund Manager’s corporations and overseeing the actions of counsel located in countries around the world.

A merger or large acquisition is often the most significant event in the life of a business and can have dramatic consequences for all the constituencies--from shareholders, directors, and managers to employees, customers, and communities. Lawyers and the law play critical roles in how mergers and acquisitions are evaluated, structured, and implemented.

We understand that any M&A transaction is part of this overarching strategy and can be the most significant business event in the history of an organization and in the lives of its executives. Our clients include small businesses to Multi-Million Dollar private companies, boards of directors and special committees as parties on any side, and in any context, of the deal. Whether the markets are up or down, whether the economy is expanding or contracting, mergers and acquisitions are an essential growth strategy for any company. Gimble Law, P.A. can help protect your current business while expanding and acquiring the new entity with experienced and proven negotiation strategies.

Our clients come from a range of industries including securities, accounting, banking, and other financial services; pharmaceuticals; energy; hardware and software technology; Internet-based and new media businesses; and wireless communications.

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