International/domestic Business Law

An international business lawyer represents client's business issues involving two or more independent countries.

International/domestic Business Law

As an international business firm Gimble Law, P.A. represents client's business issues involving two or more independent countries. Issues can include international trade law, securities and banking. To successfully and adequately represent clients in their international matters we familiarize ourselves with each country's laws and policies, as well as the international agreements that govern trade and business law.

Our world is becoming increasingly more interconnected, interdependent. Businesses must be aware, prepared and take swift actions accordingly. We understand this reality and have built an international legal practice to serve it. 

Gimble Law, P.A. is dedicated to helping companies achieve business goals on an international level. We tailor strategies that navigate the legal and regulatory complexities of global finance, manufacturing and trade.

Facilitating international transactions and resolving disputes can impose a financial burden felt by even the largest Fortune 500 Company. Gimble Law, P.A. is consistently mindful of clients’ bottom lines and adheres to cost-effective yet comprehensive practices. 

At Gimble Law, P.A., we specialize in the representation and legal protection of international and domestic clients, and/or corporations. Fruitful and emerging companies undergo many transformations throughout their growth, and through these many phases of change, Darlene R. Gimble, Esq., and the Gimble Law Staff, serve as the most efficient, and trustworthy general counsel, and advocates, that any company could ask for. Whether a company undergoes an acquisition, a merger, forms a partnership, or dissolves one, Gimble Law P.A provides the most current and sound counsel to make the process a smooth and successful one. When Gimble Law P.A. serves as general counsel, it provides responsible and the most attentive legal assistance for any and all legal issues that continuously arise in a successful company. Clients represented by Gimble Law P.A., can rest assured that whether they are seeking legal assistance for the start-up of a business, the allocation of the best investors, raises for companies, or legal representation for hedge funds, they are being represented by the best. Gimble Law P.A. has vast respectable experience in representing and protecting the legal interests of various notable clients and corporations. At Gimble Law, P.A. we focus on creating a strong, and respectable relationship with our clients. We also focus on providing our clients with the best legal representation and protection to ensure that as individuals, or as a business, they are as successful as potentially possible.  

In addition to our focus on Corporate Representation, Darlene R. Gimble Esq., and the Gimble Law Staff, have vast experience and success in helping families in a wide variety of family court cases. Darlene R. Gimble Esq. serves as an advocate for clients  in a vast array of cases to ensure that their familial and/or individual interests are adequately represented and that the client is satisfied. Family cases are delicate and they require special care. Darlene R. Gimble and the Gimble Law staff are well versed in family law and compassionate to the point that all family law clients leave knowing that their family cases are being handled by the best firm.

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